Search Engines List

Search Engines ListWelcome to the Search Engines List. The World Wide Web indeed provides us infinite information. Everyday, more information is going into the great Internet database. This information, is just like books in a library are stored and are categorized based on their usage. A library has a catalogue where readers and researchers can find the book or piece they are looking for. Doing research over the Internet is easier than research from a school or public library. But can we only imagine how the Search Engines store and categorize massive amounts of information and then deliver this information we need in just seconds.

Search Engines are the tools to help people find relevant information they are looking for based on the ‘keywords’ they type in the search box. Thinking of the process these tools use to index data, let’s take a look at the search engines that we can use each time we need to do research via the Internet. See the General List of Search Engines here

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