Penguin 3.0

3 tips for link builders post penguin 3.0

In the recent past, there has been a crackdown by Google on unnatural links that have left link builders wondering whether link building is dead post penguin 3.0. One reason that make link building look as if it’s now a thing of the past is due to Google’s definition of artificial or natural links. Any link that appears to manipulate the ranking of a site in Google may be considered as a link scheme. Remember that the penalty for having suspicious looking links is quite severe and you might end up losing rankings. However, the fact of the matter is that link building is very much alive but you need to be careful.

Penguin 3.0

Recent Penguin 3.0 reports can make conservative SEO experts to advise against active link building. However, most of the top rankings in the search engines are as a result of their link profile. Google is still heavily reliant on this primary form of ranking websites in the search results pages. It is for this reason that you must know how to navigate SEO without being penalized for building links. Here are a few tips on link building.

Carry out a link audit
This should definitely be your first step. Doing a link audit will require several tools and phases. You will need to know how to get a complete backlink profile and also Download Latest Links from Google Webmaster Tools. This will enable you to determine the links that needs to be removed or reviewed. These include Links from a domain that hasn’t been indexed by Google, those from websites containing virus warning, links that share a page with spammy/unrelated links, those on a page with Google Page Rank that is zero or gray bar, links whose source is link networks as well as sitewide links.

Keep it Relevant
Your next step is to maintain relevancy. Google will use relevancy to determine trust and decipher context or topic of a target document. Deliver the relevant information in the right context.

Use PR strategies
You can use PR strategies to build links. For instance, you can use source media to source for stories which will give you an opportunity for link building. Events interviews can also be a great link source. Another recommendation is to monitor editorial opportunities which can provide you with outstanding methods for building high quality links to your site. Since links are the key to SEO results, you could consider using these tactics to get an edge and shoot for 1st page rankings.

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