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Firefox Makes Yahoo! Default Search Engine in US

Mozilla Firefox 34 Makes Yahoo Default Search Engine in US. As this update has now rolled out with an extra surprise for those users in the US. Love Google or Love Yahoo, and I know a lot of users may not take that much notice of anything much when a browser update goes out. In this case Users in North America will not miss the new default Search Engine, Yahoo!

Firefox Yahoo!It remains to be seen how well received this will be by the Firefox user. In general, we always think of Google when we search. However, Yahoo! is never far from our minds. Of course I remember a time before the big G hit the scenes and the big Y was all the rage. Many users have stayed true throughout the years, with a spirit of solidarity.

Let us say many users will change back to their preferred search engine, but Yahoo! has made some special tweaks specifically for the Firefox users, so why not at least give it a try before jumping ship. Of course you wont get any of Google’s Knowledge Graph and other Special SERP features, but you will get some Yahoo! you may not have banked on.

Some extras such as “Firefox Hello”, which is the chat tool that was in beta mode. This will be released and available as a built-in service in the browser for users to chat with each other within Firefox.

The rollout may take some time, this is done intentionally to limit the rate of access to it so as to prevent any overloads to the system. So on the first phase there will probably only be 10% of users who can use it.

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