General List of Search Engines

A General List of Search Engines can be quite handy to keep in mind when we are practicing SEO. It helps to check them all out, and get a feel for the differences between them. A lot of people only pay attention to the big ones, saying what is the point being found on the other platforms. However, one or out goals with SEO is to be found on as many different platforms as possible. So it is important to have an understanding of of how our SERPs are appearing, so check the list of search engines.

General List of Search Engines

Name Language
Baidu Chinese, Japanese
Bing Multilingual
Blekko English
DuckDuckGo Multilingual
Exalead Multilingual
Gigablast English
Google Multilingual
Munax Multilingual
Qwant Multilingual
Sogou Chinese Chinese
Yahoo! Multilingual
Yandex Multilingual
Youdao Chinese


Taken from Wikipedia, this is just one small portion of all the search engines available. Please visit Wikipedia For a complete list of Search Engines

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