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How to get your website into Google and Yahoo

In this article we will show you how to get your website into Google and Yahoo. Before you submit your site to the search engines, you should first check if it is already listed there. You can do this by typing the website address on Google’s search box. If the website doesn’t come up as a result, you will require submitting it again. Alternatively, you can lift a piece of unique text from the page and put in the search in quotes. The page should come up. If it doesn’t, it shows that Google doesn’t know about it.

SE submitThe easiest way of getting your website into Google is for the search engine spiders to locate your site through a link on another website that Google has on its index. This could be a link from a forum, blog or any other website. Relevant links are quite important when it comes to actual rankings as Google and other search engines will trust you more and thus rank you high. But you should avoid buying links or directories so as to get into Google as the links can harm your future rankings.

Another option is to submit your site to directories such as Yahoo. But you could end up waiting for years if you are unlucky. When you get your site into one or two directories, you will easily get into the search engines. Most of the leading search engines offer a chance to submit your webpage directly to them.

Submitting to Google

Google is the most popular crawler-based search engine. You can get listed on Google by having links to your Web site. If your website is new, it will take close to a month before it gets listed by Google manually. Alternatively, you can choose to use the paid placement program known as Google AdWords. The search engine also provides an Add URL page that allows you to submit your URL directly to the site. Seo experts suggest that you should submit your homepage and perhaps one or two URLs from your website ‘inside’ through the Add URL page. Google also offer an option of submitting a large list of URLs to verify ownership of your site in Google Webmaster Central. This allows for fast indexing and without any charge.

Submitting to Yahoo

Just as it is with Google, building links is a good way of getting listed in Yahoo. The search engine also has a free URL submission and the submission process is similar to that of Google. You can also choose the Yahoo paid inclusion programs that make it possible to add the pages submitted quickly. However, the downside of the program is that you get charged every time someone clicks on the listing.

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